Run Information

  • Name: Sunday morning run in Versova and Juhu
  • Date: January 12th, 2020
  • Distance: 20.08 kilometres
  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Strava Link
  • Time: 2:26:57


When 2020 came around, I decided to give myself bi-weekly goals for running. Rather than a longterm goal, I thought why not set running goals only for the next two weeks.

My first two-week goal was to run 20km. The plan was that I would run regularly for two weeks to get back into shape, and then get a long run in.

Goal Description Completed?
Distance Run for 20 km Yes


I ran a lot, walked a lot.

Split Pace
Fastest 6:05 /km
Slowest 8:44 /km (probably lots of walking)
Average 7:19 /km


Last week, I ran for the first time this year. It was a simple short run (only 5km or so), but ended with a sharp pain near my left ankle. The part that was paining may or may not be the medial malleolus, but who knows.

On the next run, there was no sharp pain, but still discomfort. It’s healing, I thought to myself.

Day before yesterday, I slept not knowing if I would be up for running the 20 km when I woke up. What if the ankle pain came back? I had done only two runs and was in no way ready for 20 km!

I still got out of the apartment and started running. Fuck, I had forgotten the cash at home. Which meant no coconut water on the beach, no tea anywhere, and no juice at the end.

The weather was quite nice; winters in Mumbai are not cold at all, but quite pleasant. The sun was coming up behind a building in the distance, a different one from the last time I had run on this street four months ago. It was the colour of a ripe orange, and all the haze and pollution meant it didn’t hurt to stare at it.

To get to 20 km, I would have to run to Juhu beach, run the whole stretch of sand, and then run back home. 4 km in, I was already feeling tired. Let’s just do this, even if we have to walk, I told myself and agreed.

I had to play a lot of games to avoid walking all the time: reach that tree there, reach till those guys playing football, just touch the wall and then you can walk for 30 seconds, walk till that car and start running, don’t look at the distance for two more minutes, and so on.

So, it wasn’t a pleasant run. My legs were giving up, and I ended up walking a lot on the way back. A lot of mental effort was expended in convincing my feet to keep going. Maybe it was good I didn’t have any money. If I did, I probably would have taken an auto back home.

The watch read 20 km just as I was reaching the juice seller. I bought a carrot-and-tomato juice with fried stuff in it and told him I would pay him the next time I saw him.

It felt good to know that I had run these 20 km even on a day when I didn’t feel like it at all. Sometimes you just gotta get it done.