Run Information

  • Name: An afternoon run in Bialystok, Poland
  • Date: November 21st, 2019
  • Distance: 12.23 kilometres
  • Location: Bialystok, Poland
  • Strava Link
  • Time: 1:13:20
  • Weather: Cold and windy and cloudy,


I’m visiting Poland for a month, and for the whole of the first week, I didn’t run. Then, on Monday this week (I think), I went for a run. I couldn’t go to my favourite park (there are three here! In a smallish city!) because it was dark at 4 PM, so my only real goals for today were:

  • To start early enough to run in Park 3 (pictured above).
  • To run for more than an hour, I guess.
  • To average less than 6 min/km
Goal Description Completed?
Time Run for more than an hour Yes
Location Run in Park 3, Bialystok, Poland Yes
Speed Average less than 6 min/km Yes-ish


I ran at a brisk pace today, because

Split Pace
Fastest 5:40
Slowest 6:23
Average 6:00


A**a had to go to work at 3 PM, so I walked with her part of the way, and then she showed me where I could start running – close to the start of Park 1.

I guess I have to elaborate a bit. So, I’m in Poland for a month, working remotely and generally relaxing and having a great time. The city I’m in is called Bialystok; it’s the capital of Northeast Poland. The food in Poland is nice – especially the meat and a soup called Żurek. It must rank as among the best soups I’ve ever had!

There are three big parks in Bialystok, and I don’t know what they’re called. My guide, A**a, described them to me as Park 1, Park 2, and Park 3, so that’s the terminology I’ll use as well. Park 3 is the wildest of these parks. It’s almost a forest, and has a a few big trails running through it. There are smaller paths criss-crossing the big ones. All in all a pleasant experience.

Now, it’s November. Fall is over and the leaves are all brown. Winter is not yet here, so it’s cold and gloomy, i.e. perfect running weather.

I really enjoyed running through Park 3. The almost-crunch of almost-dry leaves under my feet, running over branches and under fallen trees, the fact that I’m not sweating like crazy, the moments of complete silence, the pleasant exertion of trying to maintain a sub-6-min/km pace, it all made me quite happy and tired by the end.

I kept a good pace and rhythm going through out. My splits are reasonably consistent for someone who was keeping pace only by feel. Overall, a great run.

I miss the hustle and bustle of running in Bombay, but only a bit. If I had a choice, I would run in peace and quiet any day of the week. Maybe I do have a choice, actually, and that is the future I will work towards.


I did my stretches back in A**a’s apartment. I was quite tired, but I also really enjoy this routine.

After stretching, I watched a documentary on Netflix: Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator and got pretty angry at how this asshole has gotten away with so much shit.

My mother was a yoga teacher, and she always said she didn’t consider hot yoga a real form of yoga. “It’s exercise, not yoga”, she told me. I’ve never tried it, but considering that I think of my mother as the best yogi I’ve known, I trust her. Watching this documentary, it felt like Bikram was just another sleazy guru who used his power and clout to abuse women. Whatever he is, he’s not what I think yogis are. He’s not what my mother was, and he’s not what I hope to be some day. The worst part of all of it is that he seems to have gotten away with all that he did.

There was one of the women at the end who said that while she can see why he’s vilified, she still feels like this form of yoga is the best thing that’s happened in her life. I wish I could tell her that it’s not because of Bikram, but because of her own self that she turned her life around.

That’s my rant for today’s running report.

It was a good run!