Updated: Feb 2019

I’ve started on my cycling trip! I’ve been in Iran for about 10 days now, and so far its been very, very nice.

I started by taking the boat to Bandar Abbas in Iran. After exchanging money, and buying a sim card, I headed to Hormuz island to meet up with Alice and her dog Canton from Hong Kong and Bang from Korea. They are cyclists who had been in Iran for a while already. Together, we spent a very nice few days doing yoga on the beach, talking a lot, cooking, and swimming in the Persian Gulf.

We got back to Bandar Abbas and relaxed in the city for 2 or 3 days. The days were filled with nice food (both cooked and restaaurant-made), lots of laughter and conversations and a general warmth in the air.

Alice and Bang left for the North of Iran by bus to to get a week or so of cycling in Kurdistan done before their visa expires. I started cycling from Bandar Abbas and had an experience of Iranian hospitality almost immediately. I will write in more detail about all this later.

Suffice to say that so far, Iran has been incredible!

Updated: Jan 2019

In October and November, I cycled through Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. My plan was to continue all the way by land to Turkey, but I was thwarted by a visa rejection from Turkmenistan, which meant it became necessary for me to take a flight. Instead of simply flying into Iran (which was the next stop after Turkmenistan), I flew back to India and extended the scope of my route.

I got a visa for the Schengen region of Europe. I will talk about this in detail in a future blog post, but having a Schengen visa means I can easily get a visa to Turkey, in addition to being able to visit a few European non-Schengen countries.

So now, I’m cycling from Iran to France!

Route from Iran to France.
Ambitious, eh?

This is just a tentative plan, but I might end up visiting:

  1. Iran
  2. Turkey
  3. Bulgaria (and a bit of Romania)
  4. Serbia
  5. Bosnia
  6. Croatia
  7. Slovenia (always wanted to go here!)
  8. Austria
  9. Germany
  10. Switzerland
  11. France

When I say tentative, I mean I literally have no idea how far I’ll get after Turkey. A friend plans to cycle with me from Bulgaria to Serbia, so I’ll probably do that. But after that, I don’t know. It depends on time (I have to be out of Europe by August 3), money, and how much I want to volunteer on a farm for a few weeks. We’ll see 🤷. What’s certain is that Cycle and I are going to be on a trip!