1. One egg yolk (separate the whites and used them for something else).
  2. Juice from half a lemon or less (one teaspoon).
  3. A pinch of salt.
  4. 2-3 spoons (teaspoons I guess) of water.
  5. 150ml of oil (choose your oil, but not extra virgin olive oil).


  • Add everything EXCEPT the oil to your favourite mixer jar. Mix for 1 second.
  • Add ONLY a few drops of oil. Mix for a few (5?) seconds
  • Add a few more, and mix a bit more.
  • Keep looking and making sure the oil isn’t separating. If it is, Google for what to do about it, because I don’t know
  • Keep repeating. As you keep mixing, you can add more and more oil.
  • Eventually just add it all and mix for a minute or more.


  • Coleslaw Cut one cup cabbage into thin strips, half a cup of grated carrot (grate with the large setting). Add two spoons of mayonnaise, a little bit of pepper, and some lime. Enjoy.


  • Apparently the reason you can’t use extra virgin olive oil is that mixing it at high speeds makes it bitter. If you can do something at low speeds, enjoy!
  • If you use the egg whites, know that it is stiffer and doesn’t emulsify as well, so you might end up using more oil. This is also why store bought mayo is white.