This November (2017), I went on a month-long road trip through Karnataka and Goa. Originally planned as the starting point of an All-India trip, I ended up back in Bangalore after a month.

Riding in Karnataka and Goa is a lot of fun. The highways are nice, and the interior roads wind through green rainforests and mountains. There are temples, mountains, beaches, great food, and friendly people throughout the region. I was originally planning to write one blog post about it, but it got too long for my liking. Instead, I’ll use this as the master post and link to each of these posts as I write them.

The To Route

The _To_ Route

Link to To-Route on Google Maps

My plan was to spend a few days each in the Western Ghats and Hampi, and then move on to Goa and I did that for the most part, except I ended up staying in Hampi for almost a week instead of two days. Hampi is great!

The Back Route

The route back to Bangalore

Link to Back-route on Google Maps

I was originally going to go further from Bombay into Gujurat, but I forgot my camera in the hostel at Goa. They were too busy to send it to me by post, so I just decided to drive back. Once I was in Goa, I thought I might as well spend a few days in the South of Goa in Agonda. From there, I wanted to go back to Hampi, but instead drove all the way back to Bangalore. Things don’t usually go according to plan in my world.

Me posing before setting off

Perezosa (my motorcycle) didn’t give me a single problem through the trip. Great bike, the Thunderbird. Pro-tip: if you’re traveling alone, place the backpack on the backseat rather than on the carrier (which is what I’ve done in the picture above). That way, you’ll have something to lean on, on long drives!

I’ve already written small posts about this trip on Instagram (follow me if you haven’t already for more regular updates than on this website), but I’ve decided to document this trip properly, because: A: it was fun, B: I really need to get started on writing over here regularly, and C: maybe it will actually help someone else who wants to do something similar!

Here is the planned order of posts. Expect this order to change, but also keep a lookout for the items to magically become links as the posts are written:

  1. Bangalore to Chikmagalur
  2. Chikmagalur to Hampi
  3. Hampi
  4. Goa
  5. The long road to Bangalore
  6. Packing list and tips